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CASE STUDY: SOCKSHOP Plastic Free Packaging

CASE STUDY: SOCKSHOP Plastic Free Packaging


SOCKSHOP (as the name suggests) are a specialist sock retailer, but no ordinary one! With their motto to “feel good from the feet up”, they are passionate about shaking things up and having some fun with this “unsung hero of the wardrobe”.

Offering a huge range including everything from everyday staples to creative wonders and specialised designs for men, women and children, they truly do have a passion for socks!


Like many businesses at the current time, SOCKSHOP have recently felt the need to take a look at their impact on the environment and reconsider their plastic consumption. After their yearly company meeting they made the decision that, going forwards, they would eradicate plastics in any way they could.

As a company that ships over half a million orders per year, this was a clear focus for their Operations team. Immediately, all bubble wrap was eliminated and replaced with a paper filler and invoices were switched to recycled alternative, but the main question remained unsettled. All their orders were being sent out in a plastic lined padded bubble envelope…

Where could they find a plastic free alternative to replace these bags?

Contacting every packaging company he knew, the team asked to see samples of any sustainable packaging options they could offer in the sizes he needed. From here, they quickly narrowed it down to several samples from Blake’s plastic free VITA™ range.

The final product the SOCKSHOP team chose was our code KMB1164 – a heavy duty Kraft mailing bag which is 100% plastic free, and acts as an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional polythene mailer. We also arranged for this product to be manufactured in a bespoke 280x370mm size with an 80mm gusset size (pictured below), catering for their exact needs.


Collaborating with our Business Development Manager and bespoke expert Blake Barter, their team were able to discuss all their needs and begin creating the perfect design for their new paper SOCKSHOP mailing bag.

During the design process, one of the biggest concerns was that the bag must be strong, flexible and able to stand the test of time. Something that Blake was quickly able to find a solution for,  arrangements were made for our Kraft paper mailing bag to be manufactured from a special 2 ply spec which would provide all the extra durability needed to ensure their socks would reach the consumer unharmed.

In order to create a lasting first impression with their clients, SOCKSHOP were very keen to incorporate their company name and logo on the bag in a way that would really stand out, which resulted in a very impactful repeating pattern being used (see below). The bags were then created from the reel.

With the design complete, we were able to send them samples of the bags, enabling them to choose their favourite design and trial them by sending them out to a variety of locations across the UK and arranging for them to be returned. These were all received back in pristine condition, meaning that all the boxes were ticked for SOCKSHOP!

The team were very grateful for the samples, and commented,

"It was great that you could send us samples of all the designs, and that helped us all decide which one we liked best."


The response Blake received on the finished product was everything we could have asked for and more!

SOCKSHOP were delighted with our prompt turnaround and ability to deliver these for when they were needed, and reported that they were absolutely “perfect” and “everybody loves them”.

They immediately noticed the amount of comments they were receiving back from their customers. Where they were once getting queries asking why they were still using plastic packaging, positive feedback was flying in from all directions praising them for their impressive new plastic free packaging alternative.

And would they use us again? When asked, they simply replied “I’m just about to place another very large order with you!”

This is one change they aren’t about to go back on!

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