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CASE STUDY: Wax London Recyclable Packaging

CASE STUDY: Wax London Recyclable Packaging


Wax London are a premium menswear brand with sustainability at their core. They believe that positive change comes from setting the right example and this is exactly what they strive to do in any way they can, whether that be through sourcing the most sustainably produced fabrics, using natural dyeing techniques, manufacturing closer to home or donating their profits to charity!


As a young business, Wax had never invested in personalised packaging before, but they felt that the time had come for them to upgrade the ecommerce packaging they were using to send their clothing items out to customers in, not only to something more effective but to something that would really represent who they were as a brand too. Needless to state, this was a completely new and rather exciting decision for them!

Wax are a very sustainably focussed brand, so it was important to them that their packaging would reflect this. They were therefore looking for a solution that would be both recyclable and reusable, providing the ability for their customers to use the packaging again for their returns if needed. They wanted a basic offering, but nevertheless something that would have a huge impact for them and would see them through for a good while!

This was their first experiment into anything of this kind, so they only required low volumes and the project would need to be tightly budget restricted.


Requiring a number of different packaging solutions to meet their various needs, Wax opted for a mailing bag to fit all their jerseywear (tops etc.) up to a shirt size, and a small and large postal box to cater for all their international orders and big ecommerce orders for online retailers.

Having already experimented with a number of other packaging suppliers that “just weren’t right” for them, they were delighted to receive a call from Blake Barter our Business Development Manager and bespoke expert. They instantly formed a great relationship, commenting, “I really like Blake, he’s a great guy!”, and without any further ado we agreed to commence the design process…


Helpfully for us, Wax already had a clear idea of how they wanted their boxes to look and they were thrilled when Blake was able to capture this and create a “very close result” to their original sketch. The mailing bags presented a little more of a challenge…

They had already “been through a lot of hoo-hah with other providers” who were unfortunately unable to offer anything that would match their budget. The team really appreciated how “helpful and understanding” Blake was with these, and we were soon able to provide them with the perfect solution from our eco-friendly VITA™ range, meeting both their needs and their budget.

We worked closely with the Wax team to manufacture a bespoke sized bag that would neatly contain their clothing items yet still be able to fit through a letterbox, adding small additional features such as an extra peel and seal strip so that they could be reused a second time. As these would need to withstand a lot of handling, we arranged for them to be made from a sturdier material and be put through stress tests to ensure that they would be strong enough to withstand their journey through the post and deliver their clothing contents safely to the recipient.


“You worked excellently to meet our requirements. I really like Blake and think he is great! He has been very receptive and patient with us. This was our first attempt at ordering this kind of thing and Blake was great at checking in with us – not too much or too little. After communicating with various other potential suppliers whose approach was pretty brash, I definitely wanted to go with Blake. We found that others wanted us to pay for their samples, but Blake was very understanding and honest and was happy to send us samples free of charge. Your lead times were brilliant and you matched the costs we were aiming for!”

“I am really excited about the finished products, they’re great and I’m really chuffed with them! It was a long process with lots of disappointments from other suppliers, and you met all of our needs. I would absolutely recommend Blake to other people and I know when we need to place another order for these, we will definitely come back to you!”

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