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CASE STUDY: Wool & the Gang Sustainable Packaging

CASE STUDY: Wool & the Gang Sustainable Packaging


If there is one thing we understand here at Blake, it’s the importance of packaging that envelops its contents beautifully and enhances them in the best way possible.

As the first thing the consumer sees, the packaging that a brand uses has the ability to impress itself deeply in the mind of the recipient to create a lasting first impression.

What we are here to do is help you ensure that first impression is the right one!


Recently, the Blake team had the privilege of working with Wool And The Gang to design and create a bespoke sustainable packaging solution to enhance their unique products…

A London based knitting company providing beautiful knitting kits, sustainably sourced yarns and knitting accessories, Wool And The Gang use their collective influence to effect positive change for the planet. They believe that by empowering a group of crafters who can make things for themselves using the ethically sourced materials they provide, they are holding out the secret to a more sustainable production process.

As their existing paper kit bags weren’t proving strong enough, the company felt the need to come up with a retail packaging solution that would be better designed and more durable, ensuring that they could travel more efficiently to their retailers ready to be neatly stacked in their stores.

They were looking for something simple yet impressive, which would clearly embody the brand and their bold, modern aesthetic, whilst also representing their passion for sustainability.

And that’s when Blake came onto the scene!

A member of their team came to the rescue with the suggestion that they get in touch with Blake to help design and manufacture the perfect sustainable packaging solution to meet their needs…


Needless to state, Blake were thrilled to have the opportunity of working with Wool And The Gang to help them on their journey to create the ultimate sustainable packaging for their knitting kits!

With the whole mission behind the brand being to encourage people to make their own clothes using responsibly sourced and recycled yarns, caring for the planet is a big focus for them. They were therefore looking for a packaging solution that would eliminate any plastic usage and be made as much as possible from recyclable materials.

Their team already had lots of wonderful ideas of how their finished product could look, so we began by brainstorming these all out before narrowing them down to those that would be most effective and meet their needs in the best possible way. From here, we quickly reached a decision!

The final design was stunning, as shown in the pictures: an eye-catchingly professional white cardboard carton featuring a slide-out tray compartment to neatly contain the knitting kits. In order to achieve the very best printing finish on these, we litho printed onto paper then laminated both sides onto the cardboard tray, giving the impressive result pictured. With their bold black messaging and impactful images (as per their request to feature as many images as possible!), the finished product did a great job of showcasing the brand’s modern look and feel.


It was great to hear that the Wool & The Gang team enjoyed their experience with us as much as we did, commenting that they really appreciated our swift turnaround which enabled them to meet their tight deadlines in time. They also shared that the way we worked with them to ensure all their requirements was,

“Really good, we found you very approachable and friendly and you were keen on getting the right solution for us! Cost in particular is something that was very important for us as a small business, so it was great that we worked together to reach the right result to work for us.”

Their reaction to the finished result was just what we had hoped for:

“We’re happy and very pleased with the result. The response has been positive and the team really like them.”



Liked this? Keep in touch for more unique bespoke packaging projects soon!

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