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Are Envelopes Rainproof/ Waterproof?

Are Envelopes Rainproof/ Waterproof?

When sending important documents that can be easily damaged through the post, it is important to give them some extra protection to ensure that they arrive safely. The standard paper envelope isn’t always ideal, especially when you need some extra security to prevent the contents from ruined by tearing, water damage, or grease.

There is always a chance that your envelope can get wet during the postal journey, especially from rain when it is being transferred or out for delivery. There are many plastic alternatives that are water-resistant, but often these are not sustainable and have a negative impact on the environment. This being said, there are also many eco-friendly paper alternatives. If you are sending something that needs a little extra security, Blake’s Premium Secure range is the best option for you.

The Premium Secure envelope range is recognised as some of the strongest envelopes in the world as not only is it tear resistant, but it uses water impermeable paper. Our tear and water-resistant envelopes are constructed from a tri laminate sandwich of paper – polythene – paper and come with FSC and PEFC certification in answer to consumer demand for an eco-friendly solution.

Only until recently the Premium Secure range allows for full overprint on all envelopes.

The outer surface of any envelope can now be litho printed, allowing for a high-quality finish in full pantone colour, making the Premium Secure Envelope range the perfect partner for your mailings.

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