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How can I seal an envelope?

How can I seal an envelope?

Historically many people have always sealed envelopes by licking them. However, in recent times in the midst of COVID, many have become concerned of spreading or contracting the virus. There are also a number of generalised negative outcomes of licking envelopes such as: time-consuming, poor taste, and being left with a dry tongue.

Resultantly, many are now searching for alternate methods for sealing envelopes. Fortunately we have collated a number of effective sealing methods below:

Moist Spong image Wax Seal image Glue Sticks image Cotton Bud image
Almost everyone will have a sponge at home. All you have to do is wet the sponge and lightly dab onto the glue on the envelope. It may be worth squeezing the sponge out first to ensure the moisture is still there to activate the glue, whilst getting rid of excess water that could drip onto the envelope.

A very traditional method, but also still used today. This method does require a much longer process than any other method. Despite the time taken, a wax seal will most definitely elevate your envelope, giving a high-end luxury feel, as such being perfect for luxury brands or wedding invitations.

A very simple technique. Run a glue stick along the adhesive seal of the envelope, applying a small amount of pressure to close the flap. One key benefit of using a glue stick to seal the envelope being the to adhesives from the glue stick and the glue on the envelope often results in a stronger seal, making your envelope more secure.

Again a very common household item as with sponge. Best practice would be to dip the cotton bud into some water and then roll along the glue on the seal. The moisture from the water on the cotton bud will activate the glue on the seal in the same way as moisture on the tongue would when licking an envelope.

Sellotape image String & Washer image Self-Seal envelopes

If you don’t want to get any moisture on the envelope, as like many you may worry about making the envelope or its contents wet, Sellotape (or any adhesive tape/label) is a great alternative. Simply close the flap of the envelope, and stick the Sellotape across the flap onto the envelope to seal. To ensure security, you may want to Sellotape the entire seal to guarantee that the envelope flap will stay shut.

As an alternative Peel & Seal envelopes have a tear-away strip which uncovers an adhesive seal strip. Once the removable strip has been torn away all you have to do is close the flap and the adhesive strip will do the rest for you! This method is much more efficient as there is no need to find an activation for the glue.

A reusable and unique-looking approach. The string washer sealing method involves string being wrapped around washers in a figure of 8 pattern.

Self-Seal envelopes do exactly that! Mainly used for business envelopes, the self-seal works by applying pressure to the envelope flap when closed, which then activates the adhesive properties along the seal strip, sealing the envelope.

Having uncovered all of these methods to sealing an envelope, you may never have to lick an envelope ever again!


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