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How can you boost your brand with envelopes?

How can you boost your brand with envelopes?

When planning your mailing, it is important to consider the envelope as this is what will create the first impression as it’s delivered. If used correctly, envelopes can provide some instant branding, and make your company recognisable before the letter is even opened. Your branding can be increased more with some simple considerations when choosing your envelope.

Using a coloured envelope

It has been proven that a coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a white envelope, making your campaign more effective and sets your above your competitors. By choosing a coloured envelope that can be associated with your brand can instantly make you more recognisable to your consumer and will encourage them to open your mail.

Using a branded envelope

Adding branding on to an envelope not only enhances your brand making it more recognisable but it is also a great advertising opportunity to get your branding seen. Building brand awareness allows consumers instant brand recognition when opening letters, which in turn increases the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Using envelopes that are high quality

There are many different types of envelopes; some use paper that have a lower quality, and some are higher quality that uses thicker paper. Higher quality envelopes generally last longer which is essential through the postal journey as it will still look high quality once it arrives to your consumer, as it can handle more physical stress. It will be beneficial for your brand, because it will increase your credibility, persuading your potential customer that you are a professional brand.

Using envelopes that are earth friendly

With sustainability at the forefront of consumers’ minds right now, there is no better time to choose an envelope that is sustainable and can be recycled. Using envelopes that have been recycled to create a new envelope has a better impact on the environment than an envelope made from raw materials.

For any assistance for choosing the right envelope for you to boost your brand, contact the team at Blake on
01935 477555, or alternatively browse through our website at all of our different envelope ranges.

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