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How do I make my e-commerce packaging more sustainable?

How do I make my e-commerce packaging more sustainable?

Sustainable packaging is now a major factor when making a purchasing decision for many consumers. This level of influence increases as more people become aware of the environmental impacts of materials such as single-use plastic and synthetic fibres. According to a recent two sides report, 8/10 consumers want more sustainable packaging with 78% of consumers saying it is the responsibility of corporates to reduce their packaging waste.

Here are some ways that you can make your packaging more sustainable:


Reducing unnecessary packaging:

An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to ensure you are not shipping packaging in oversized boxes. Not only is this a waste of money but you are creating unnecessary packaging waste that could otherwise be avoided. Shipping your products in the correct size packaging will also reduce the need to secure your product with additional packaging, such as, bubble wrap, foam and excess paper that would have otherwise been avoided.

Other issues with using too much packaging, is that during the transportation of the product, a larger box is taking up more space than a suitable size box that is designed for the product. This leads to more vehicles being needed for transportation, and as it makes the packaging heavier, it leads to more emissions and pollution being produced by the vehicle.


Use packaging that can be reusable:


Another way that you can make your e-commerce packaging more sustainable is to make it reusable after the primary use. Many brands now take this into consideration when designing packaging to ensure it prolongs the lifetime of their packaging. Some ideas could be creating a useable box that could be used in the home or perhaps creating a pattern on your packaging for children to colour in.

Reusing has a positive effect on the environment, because the more uses the same piece of packaging gets, the longer it takes for it to be disposed of, and less new materials are being used when it is getting a secondary use.


Use materials that are widely recyclable:


Although plastic materials can sometimes be recycled, using paper and cardboard packaging has a much better impact on the environment. They have many benefits, including being easily recyclable, compostable and they can often already contain recycled materials, rather than containing 100% new materials. Materials that already contain recycled materials form the loop for the life cycle of the product, meaning that the material is created, used, and disposed of, repeatedly.

Compared to other materials, paper and cardboard are easily customisable, providing you with more options if you want to create a bespoke packaging solution.

As environmental awareness continues to grow, businesses are eager to invest in suitable packaging that is sustainable. This is why it is important for companies to talk about the important of sustainability, to encourage more businesses to join the sustainable movement and develop their packaging to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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