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How is the Recycled Content in Manilla Envelopes classified?

How is the Recycled Content in Manilla Envelopes classified?

What is a Manilla Envelope?


The Manilla Envelope is a traditional and classic way to transport documents, letters and objects through the post. Although they are not the most eye-catching envelopes, they are considered more practical and functional than other types and are commonly used within offices.


Manilla is buff coloured, with fibres that are normally visible to the naked eye. Manilla paper is generally made through a less refined process than other types of paper, and is typically made from semi-bleached wood fibres, with good printing qualities.


Envelopes made from Manilla paper is generally cheaper than a white envelope, although the cost differences between manilla and white recently has become minimal due to the lack of paper capacity. Our Manilla Paper is usually machine glazed (MG) and generally has 80% recycled content.



What is Recyclable and Recycled Content?


A recyclable product is a product that can be collected, processed, and manufactured into a new product after they have been used, but they don’t necessarily contain recycled materials. This still has a highly beneficial impact on the environment, as it presents products being thrown away into landfill, which has very damaging long-term effects on the environment.


Alternatively, ‘recycled content’ means that a product is made up from a percentage of recycled materials. Recycled fibre is used by paper mills to manufacture new paper, envelopes and packaging materials from recycled paper waste which reduces waste, helping our planet in the long term. The higher the percentage of recycled materials, the better that it is for the environment, because of a decreased environmental footprint compared to using completely new, non-recycled materials.


Recyclable materials and recycled content work within a loop and are both equally as important to create new products instead of being thrown away. Our paper, envelopes and packaging that are made up from recycled materials are a powerful way to reduce their environmental impact, proving their commitment to sustainability and their awareness to being eco-friendly to consumers.



Do we sell any other Recycled Paper?


If you are looking for a recycled envelope that is not manilla, we also have white envelopes that are very beneficial to the environment. Our Premium Pure range is ‘the whitest recycled envelope in the world’, and we also stock 3 other ranges of recycled paper:


So whether you are looking for our 80% recycled content Manilla Envelopes, or our recycled white envelopes, we have a range that will suit your envelope needs!


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