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If Only

If Only

If Only are a charity that support victims of Child Sexual Abuse; an epidemic that victims remain silent about, often for decades. Child Sexual Abuse commonly impacts the survivor for decades, leaded to long term depression, addictions, strained relationships, insomnia and anxiety.


At If Only, their mission is to educate society about what the trauma really is, raise awareness and to stand with survivors. It is their duty to open a safe space for all survivors, offering a safe space where they have the opportunity to share their story and be know that they are being listened to. A very important aspect of this charity is to give adults their voice back, after they were stolen from them when they were children, regaining their life back.


If Only have been nominated by our Sales Manager, Zarah Pearce, to be donated £500 by Blake.


“If Only are a relatively new charity set up by survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse to provide support for other survivors. The work that If Only do is excellent; firstly they work to remove the stigma attached to the victims feeling like they are somehow to blame, secondly they help to give people the courage to talk about their trauma, within a safe space, in an attempt to heal from it. Given that statistics point to this having affected 1 in 4 people I think it’s time people take the steps to understand more about it and talk more openly about it.”

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