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SchoolBags in Afghanistan

Afghan refugees

Since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan back in August of last year, the ACAA (Afghanistan & Central Asian Association) has become the first contact point for all refugee families, including induvials and unaccompanied minors in the UK. Enrolling children into school and getting them in the education system has been a priority for the ACAA. Providing them with a routine and a safe, stable environment to learn in is of paramount importance.

To help these children quickly and easily start school again, School In A Bag began working with ACAA to provide 3,000 SchoolBags full of stationery equipment and resources so that they can engage with their education again.

A SchoolBag contains: 12 pencils, 10 biro pens, 12 colouring book, a maths set, ruler, pencil case, 6 exercise books (line/square/plain), a water bottle, a lunch box with a spork and a hygiene pack comprising toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, soap and washable facemask.

Dr Nasimi from the ACAA explains: “Arriving in a new country and going to a new school with a different language is a daunting experience for any child. It’s vital that we make this process as easy as possible. This however, is a challenge when families have arrived in to the UK with only what they could carry. A SchoolBag for these children will be a huge asset to help them with their studies and normalise their integration into a new learning environment. A SchoolBag’s also a huge financial help to the families as it’s one less item that they need to provide.”

He continues: “We are delighted to be partnering with School in a Bag and have identified a need for 3,000 SchoolBags! We know that this is a big request for their small team. We will, of course, work in collaboration with them and oversee getting the SchoolBags to each and every child.”

Back in November, Blake held a charity day whereby staff and customers alike funded bags in support of SIAB and the ACAA. We are delighted to say that thanks to your amazing efforts, we have been able to fund 80 bags to those children in need through the Afghan Refugee Appeal.

We wanted to share our heartfelt thanks to all involved! 


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