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Sweetpea & Willow Case Study


Sweetpea & Willow

London-based luxury furniture and accessory boutique.


Founded in 2006, Sweetpea & Willow have embarked on a mission to inspire every home owner to create the home of their dreams at an affordable price.


With a focus on understanding that furniture is more than just somewhere to sit or to eat, that it empowers people to live the lives they want to live.

Having won several awards, such as Winner of Best Furniture & Accessories Boutique – Build – Interior Design Awards, the business has cemented itself as a key figure in the luxury furniture industry.

Being a luxury brand Sweetpea & Willow seek to ensure that all aspects of their customer journey are seen to replicate this. In order to achieve an enveloping luxury feel Sweetpea & Willow felt they needed new packaging for their sample swatches, this is where we at Blake came in! The business approached Blake as they were aware of our great customer service and bespoke product adaptability.


The intended purpose of the project was to create a new ‘Sample Wrap’ that Sweetpea & Willow would be able to send their sample swatches in to their customers. The key criteria for the business was that the product had a sense of elegance and luxury, whilst having the practicalities that would allow for a ranging volume of samples to be sent to customers.


Throughout the design process our solutions team collaborated with Sweetpea & Willow to create a new design that reflects the brand’s identity in a soft, luxurious tone. The below images highlight this:

'Supplying Sophisticated Samples'

In order to fulfil Sweetpea & Willow’s requirements the chosen product was a ‘Sample Wrap’ printed on 210 GSM uncoated FSC paper. To allow for a varied amount of samples to be delivered to customers, whilst using the same ‘Sample Wrap’, the product was made wider, with a tuck flap and gusset inserted to increase the product’s capacity and prevent any need for additional sealing. Additionally, the product was reprinted in Sweetpea & Willow’s soft pantone colours, reflecting the business’ luxury standing.
The project culminated in Sweetpea & Willow now having a ‘Sample Wrap’ that allowed them to send samples to their customers in a product that reflects who they are as a business and the needs of their customers.




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