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The Envelope Size Guide

The Envelope Size Guide

Deciding what sized envelope, you need doesn’t need to be difficult; we have a size perfect for every need. From invitation envelopes, traditional mailing wallets and sturdy board backs, there is a size to solve every mailing requirement.

Envelopes are created in different sizes to suit the need of the content that they will enclose. A combination of the traditional Imperial and the European metric sizes has resulted in a wide range of envelope sizes. In addition to the stock sizes available there is an almost infinite range of envelope sizes that can be custom made.

Our four most popular envelope sizes are: DL, C6, C5, and C4.


DL Envelopes Guide

Our standard DL envelopes are 110 x 220mm, and our DL+ envelopes are 114 x 229mm. These envelopes are designed to fit A4 paper that has been folded into thirds and are commonly known as the business letter envelope. DL envelopes are ideal for remittance slips and letters.

DL Envelopes


C6 Envelopes Guide

Our C6 envelopes are smaller envelopes, measuring at 114 x 162mm. These envelopes are designed to fit A4 paper that has been folded into quarters, and they are commonly used for invitations, cards, and flyers.


C6 Envelopes


C5 Envelopes Guide

C5 envelopes are the most used envelope, measuring at 162 x 229mm. These are designed to fit A4 paper that has been folded in half, and they are ideal for sending letters, documents and newsletters, or larger cards.


C4 Envelopes Guide

Our C4 envelopes are 229 x 324mm and can comfortably fit unfolded A4 paper within. As a larger envelope, they are ideal for important letters that shouldn’t be folded; for example brochure’s, certificates, and multiple page documents like contracts.

C4 Envelopes

Envelope Size Guide

Use the table below to see our whole range of envelope sizes, for a breakdown of all of their sizes in millimetres, centimetres and inches.

229 x 324
22.9 x 32.4
9 x 12.8
162 x 229
16.2 x 22.9
6.4 x 9
162 x 235
16.2 x 23.5
6.4 x 9.25
114 x 162
11.4 x 16.2
4.5 x 6.4
110 x 220
11 x 22
4.33 x 8.66
114 x 229
11.4 x 22.9
4.5 x 9
Square A
160 x 160
16 x 16
6.2 x 6.2
Square B
220 x 220
22 x 22
8.66 x 8.66
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