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What is a One Touch Box?

What is a One Touch Box?

One Touch Boxes are an efficient, plastic free postal box. They are quick and easy to assemble, and environmentally friendly, as they are made from corrugated cardboard.

Its auto-lock base takes any fuss out of sending items through the post, as the box is assembled by pushing the base of the box down, faster than assembling a standard box. Its peel and seal sealing method also enhances the easy assembly and security of the One Touch Box, making it the perfect solution to send parcels quickly and safely.

The One Touch Box is made up of corrugated cardboard, which is considered one of the most sustainable materials due to its recyclable, reusable and compostable abilities. Corrugated cardboard is often created from recycled materials too, making it eco-friendly. One Touch Boxes are lightweight, sturdy and provide maximum protection of the contents.

With 12 different sizes available, at Blake we offer a size for any need, helping you to avoid wasting excess packaging. One Touch Boxes are ideal for sending presents and gifts, clothing, and any e-commerce products.

One Touch Boxes

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