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Why Choose Tri Postal Tubes?

Why Choose Tri Postal Tubes?

The unique Tri Postal Tubes have been designed to boast unrivalled rigidity and robustness that will preserve even the most fragile contents. Their tuck-in flap lid and self-adhesive closure allows for instant and effortless assembly. They are part of our VITA range, meaning that they are 100% recyclable and completely plastic free: the paper alternative to any plastic e-commerce postal solution.

A benefit using a Tri Postal tube is their ability to tessellate on pallets, so that there is no excess space as the stack nicely on top of each other compared to circular tubes. They also won’t roll around during the postal journey, meaning that any content within the packaging is less likely to become damaged. The tubes are strong and sturdy, with the ability to be flat packed, making it easier to store and reuse the boxes.

Corrugated Tri-Tube

Our Tri Postal Tubes are made from kraft corrugated cardboard that is sustainably sourced and fully recycled. This product comes in three different sizes:

Tri-Tube range

The Postal Tri Tube is sealed with a tuck-in flap, which is completely plastic free and easy to use.

What can you send in a Tri Postal Tube?

  • Various documents
  • Posters
  • Artwork
  • Awkward shaped products

All of our Tri-Tube Postal Tubes can be custom printed, bespoke to you.

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