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Just as there is a wide range of envelope sizes available, so too are there a number of different papers.

Most envelopes are made within the range of 80-140gsm. Discover the qualities of our different papers below...



Manilla is a brown buff shade that is usually machine glazed (MG) and generally has an 80% recycled content. Envelopes made from manilla paper are usually cheaper than the white equivalent, although the cost has risen dramatically over the last few years due to lack of paper capacity. The difference in cost between white and manilla is now minimal. It is worth pointing out that as due to its high recycled content, the shade of the manilla may vary between makings.

Manilla envelopes are generally considered functional rather that promotional.



Our Purely Everyday range offers a variety of commercial manilla envelopes and manilla mailing wallets.

Our Premium Avant Garde range offers a variety of heavyweight, cream manilla envelopes that are true Kraft with extra strength over against cheaper recycled manillas that have a lower burst strength.



Basketweave manilla paper is predominately used in the UK and its appearance is a cross weave pattern. Historically its make up gave superior burst strength but now with Manilla paper having such high recycled content its enhanced burst strength properties over standard mailla is questionable. It tends to be available in one grammage that being 115gsm and is used for the bigger pockets C4, 12x10, 14x9, 13x11, 15x10, 16x12 and C3 , you will note that many of these sizes are tradiationail imperial sizes which are unique to the UK hence the basketweaves popularity.



An especially strong manilla, known as Kraft (German: Kraft = Strength) is widely used in Europe, whereas in the UK we tend to use basket weave or ribbed manilla, typically these are found in 115gsm.


This is normally a white uncoated cartridge with good bulk (i.e. higher micron/thickness than copier paper). Whiteness levels are generally CIE 163% and bulk factors of 1.3 x the grammage. White mailing wallets use low porosity paper so as to conform to requirements of mailing machines. See our large range of Purely Everyday white mailing wallets here.

Introducing a dye in the paper making process can produce a whole range of colours or tints. See our spectrum of coloured envelopes under our Creative Colour range.

Other materials can be used for envelopes as well as the traditional paper.


Our Premium Secure products are constructed from a tri laminate sandwich of paper/polythene/paper.

See our range of Premium Secure tear resistant envelopes here.