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Sustainability Foreword


Our Green Values


Environmental Stewardship


Eco-Friendly & Recycled

Sustainability & Wellbeing


Dear Reader,

We at Blake are very conscious of the need to be sustainable in our practice; we are a market leader supplying sustainable postal packaging products to the market and therefore we MUST practice what we preach.

I can personally say that it bring an inner smile to know that what Blake is doing is not only respecting the environment but adding to its grandeur.

Many of us have children and some of us have the privilege to have grandchildren, and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure Blake leave a legacy that future generations can enjoy for many years.

In our Sustainability & The Environment section, you will note a selection of our sustainable goals that we have already achieved, however at Blake we never feel we are done, but rather stretch ourselves to achieve more ambitious achievements for the greater good of all.

At Blake we bring a smile to the next generation.

Michael Barter, CEO




Here at Blake, we pride ourselves on being a truly sustainable business.

Our mission is to be;


We aim for absolute sustainability in everything we do, at every touch point from the first contact with Blake through to the delivery of final product.

We believe that sustainability isn’t just about meeting current needs, however, but more importantly, it is about ensuring we are here for the long term and are paving the way for a bright tomorrow…

More than just using resources wisely, minimizing our impact on the world around and offering environmentally friendly products, important though these are, it also means having a truly sustainable business model, having financial sustainability and being identified as a company who have an ability to be agile and make decisions quickly.


Blake wins EcoVadis Silver Medal
We’re proud to announce that Blake have been awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal for our work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ranking us among the top 25% of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis globally. Read more

Sustainability & Wellbeing


WE'VE REDUCED OUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY 32% by installing new motion sensitive LED warehouse lights
SAVED waste tonnes of waste going to landfill per year, reducing our impact 54%
WE USE 66,750 metres less plastic shrink wrap each year with our new plastic free envelope retail packs


Here at Blake, we have always sought to ensure our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, and we have adopted a number of strategies to achieve this.

Our head offices in Yeovil have been designed and built to exacting performance standards, including many special features.


  • All our electricity is produced from renewable sources
  • An additional 50% thermal insulation 
  • Fully automatic cooling systems
  • Fan assisted cooling in our server room
  • Automated LED lighting
  • Electric forklifts in all our warehouses
  • A strict recycling scheme promoting the recovery of valuable resources


Keeping a close eye on the environmental impact of everything we do is Blake’s Evolve Team.

The driving force behind our investigations into new initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and perform in an increasingly sustainable way, they continually challenge us to keep raising the bar on all social and environmental issues!


  • We've reduced the company fleet by 33% and committed to all electric powered or hybrid vehicles by the end of 2023.
  • We installed new motion sensitive LED warehouse lights, reducing our energy consumption by an incredible 32%.
  • We swiched from plastic tape to paper tape on all our boxes, using 345,000 metres less plastic tape a year!
  • We use paper documents enclosed wallets to attach carriage paperwork to all our parcels and pallets. That’s more than 52,375 per year!
Sustainability & Wellbeing


Recycling has always been something that we embrace and participate in to the very greatest practical extent.

One of Blake’s main aims is to reduce our impact on landfill and promote the recovery of valuable resources. In order to achieve this, we use a local recycling company to bale and recycle all of our plastic and cardboard waste, which has allowed us to recycle a total of 1494 tonnes! (that’s the equivalent of 374 adult female elephants)

And you can recycle too! Nowadays, most products include a recycling symbol on them.

With a wide range of different symbols which vary depending on how each product is best disposed of, we help you to identify what the most commonly used symbols mean in our Recycling Symbols Explained section below...



Blake is dedicated to the practice of sound environmentail stewardship and the promoter of the health, safety and wellbeing of our empoyees. These values originate from the company's top management and are emphasised through all levels of responsibility within the organisation.
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