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The Story of Blake

Over two decades we have grown in a fast-changing world. A world where where algorithm and automation increasingly rule. Where human interaction can be reduced to the flick of a thumb, Where what is real and what is fake can be hard to separate. Where distance and time feel shorter. Where our resources and hope for the future are ever more precious. We grow because we value and embrace what is real in our world. We value real people doing real things for each other. At Blake we develop products and work together with our customers to make things real.

Business, Made Real.
Choice, Made Real.
Emotion, Made Real.
Experiences, Made Real.
Hope, Made Real.
Tomorrow, Made Real.


  • April 1909

    Tom Barter is born

  • March 1950

    Tim Barter (Chairman) is born

  • May 1967

    The story begins with a waste paper recycling business

  • December 1970

    Michael Barter (CEO) is born

  • October 1973

    Clarence Paper starts trading

  • February 1976

    Clarence Paper purchases its first warehouse

  • November 1976

    Clarence Paper wins the Westland paper contract

  • July 1986

    Michael Barter joins Clarence Paper

  • October 1997

    Blake Barter is born

  • July 1999

    Clarence Paper is sold

  • August 2000

    Blake starts trading

  • April 2001

    Blake builds its current warehouse (12,000sq. ft.)

  • September 2002

    Blake extend the warehouse building to 30,000 sq. ft.

  • June 2008

    Blake reaches £100 million cumulative turnover

  • November 2012

    Blake reaches £200 million cumulative turnover

  • May 2013

    Blake moves into new Clarence House HQ

  • December 2014

    Blake reaches £250 million cumulative turnover

  • July 2016

    Blake Barter joins Blake

  • October 2016

    Open first hub of excellence in Edinburgh, shortly followed by further hub openings in Leeds, Manchester and London

  • February 2017

    Blake reaches £300 million cumulative turnover

  • November 2017

    Graham Carlin is appointed as Blake’s MD

  • June 2018

    The fifth Blake hub opens, this one in Leicester

  • July 2018

    Blake USA starts as we open our first international hub in Cleveland, Ohio

  • June 2019

    Blake GmbH starts as we open our first European hub in Düsseldorf, Germany