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The Blake Foundation visits the Lushomo Trust in Zambia

The Blake Foundation for over a decade, has strived to contribute to and impact the lives of communities and countries across the world. In the month of August 2018, shortly after the launch of our CSR programme, Blake collaborated with School in a Bag to plan a visit to Zambia.

A member of the Blake team, Aishwarya, was born and raised in a small town here called Livingstone. As The Blake Foundation often chooses to support charities or communities that have touched or changed the lives of our employees, we were delighted to arrange for her to visit her hometown and talk to the locals. During this trip Aishwarya would be raising awareness for the SchoolBag scheme and educating the locals on how it could change the lives of underprivileged children in Livingstone, providing them with the necessary resources to kick start their future and education.


During her time in Zambia, Aishwarya shared the project that would be offered by Blake to Lubasi Home and Lushomo Trust, as well as selected community schools local to Livingstone. These orphanages are homes to children, boys and girls, of all ages, that have been orphaned, sexually abused or been sold off by their families for money.

One of the highlights for her was a meeting amongst the children and their sponsor or father figure per say, Mr. Ranjan. The children had to share their prayers, update the members of homes on their studies, personal concerns and then receive the exciting news of a “red school bag”. They expressed the need for new colouring pencils and showed the pencil stubs, torn books and plastic bags in which they kept their worn out materials. The children were shy yet keen to poke around the contents of the example SchoolBag as it was being passed around. A tall girl nearing the age of 18, was preparing for her Grade 7 exams, she spoke to our Blake team member and said, “One day I want to go London like you, so I can learn to read more books and become rich!”

Mr Ranjan, the founder and sponsor of Lubasi Home and Lushomo Trust, as well as an Honorary member of the Rotary Club said, “The children of Livingstone are blessed to have the encouragement and support from, a trusted organisation that has impacted the lives of families and children around the world, towards their education, as these children are the future of our tomorrow.”