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Understand Print Finishing Techniques

Understand Print Finishing Techniques

Adding a finishing technique to your custom packaging can add the ability to elevate your brand’s identity, to ensure that your messages resonate with the consumer every time. Here are our top 5 finishing processes that can enhance your packaging:

Litho Printing

Litho print can give one of the best quality finishes that can be achieved by the printing process. It is one of the most common choices for high volume printing, as it has the ability to product precise Pantone colours at the highest quality.


Digital Printing

Digital printing allows for different possibilities that cannot be achieved by Litho print techniques. Using this print method, you are able to use a 4-colour process which allows for full colour printing of graphics. This method also has the ability to use variable data for easy customisation of each unit so that you can have more personalised results.


Flexo Printing

This method of printing is a more traditional way, designed to be a modernised version of the letterpress. Flexo Printing has the ability to print on a vast array of materials: paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic and metallic film, giving you more opportunities for bespoke packaging products.


Foiling adds a luxurious finish to the material, enhancing typography with a selection of metallic effects. This can be used for any size coverage in either high or low quantities and adds more of a decorative feature to your packaging. This method is commonly used by businesses to emphasise a brands logo or name of the company, gaining more brand awareness.



Embossing is a type of finishing technique where you need to raise some parts of the printed page for emphasis and texture, creating three-dimensional affects to letters, logos and images. This technique looks highly sophisticated on card-based packaging and add tactile results that can be seen and felt by your clients.


Get in touch with our team to find out the best print method for your packaging.


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