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The Role of Direct Mail in the Covid-19 Age

The Role of Direct Mail in the Covid-19 Age


There’s no denying that we are living in strange times, and, whilst we are in the midst of a completely unexpected crisis, it can be a real challenge for businesses to determine how best to market right now.

With client visits out of the question, the thought that is running through most of our minds is,

“What is the best way to reach my customers?”

Fortunately for you we have the answer, and despite what you may have thought, it’s NOT digital marketing.


The fact is, right now it is more important than ever that our communications are seen as trustworthy and reliable, and according to Aisling Ryan, Managing Partner of The Corporate Practice,

“Print has a trust and an influence that’s hugely important.”

The trust that print has is clearly demonstrated in a recent report from UK communications regulator 0fcom, which reveals that people are using traditional media sources such as newspapers far more than any other source at the current time, with nearly 9 out of 10 adult internet users (87%) turning to these printed sources for their main supply of Covid-19 information.

On the other hand, the lack of trust in digital communications is emphasised in the sharp downturn of social media users during the pandemic, decreasing from 49% at the beginning of lockdown, to just 37% today!

So, despite the fact that many business owners tend to lean towards social media and email marketing as the safest way to reach their client base during this digital age, it’s clear that right now, digital marketing may not be the best idea after all!

Instead, we take a deeper look into the increasingly important role that direct mail marketing is taking in the current pandemic…


People love paper.

They love the real, tactile element that direct mail gives that cannot be found in any other form of marketing, as well as the emotional component this brings.

Paper is known to be the most successful way of reaching a defined audience; it can be carefully designed to appeal to their tastes and suit their particular needs, and it can be meticulously targeted to reach an exact target market.

Add to all this the fact that it literally lands literally on the doorstep of the recipient, enabling them to open and look at it in the safety and comfort of their own home, and it’s not surprise that it is much more likely to be read, retained and referred back to time and again.

This, as David Gold, Public Affairs & Communications Director at Royal Mail states, means that:

“Any marketer trying to compete for peoples business should really be looking at marketing by mail”  as something that is guaranteed to “boost a business’s bottom line” during this Covid-19 age.
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