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Doing Your Bit This Plastic Free July

Doing Your Bit This Plastic Free July


As we reach the halfway point of the year and start to see more peak-summer sunny weather, our thoughts turn to everyone’s favourite place to be – the beach!

But hang on…yes it’s amazing to finally be able to get out and about and make the most of what’s left of a summer that has most likely been the most unusual one in all of our lives, but it’s important to give a thought to the environment and the impact you have on the world around.

The truth is, whilst the lockdown might have been a long and tedious challenge for a lot of us, it has had some marked benefits for the environment including cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gases, clearer waters and more freedom for wildlife.

It’s up to us all to act responsibly to ensure we don’t reverse this positive change.

This month is widely known for its global significance: Plastic Free July. A movement which encourages millions to do their bit for the planet and be part of the solution to plastic pollution, it urges people to rethink their habits and make better choices for the good of the planet, with the view of preserving the beautiful environment we live in for the enjoyment of generations to come.


What can I do? I hear you say…

A simple yet effective way you can get involved this Plastic Free July is by taking part in a beach clean. It’s not just limited to beaches though - rivers, the countryside - there are so many areas that are effected by plastic pollution! Blake have always been passionate about caring for the environment, and this month we have been blown away by the efforts of our team, who have selflessly given up their own free time to clear their local areas of plastic waste (shown below).

And you can too!

Another impactful change you can make is the switch from plastic to paper packaging. Plastic packaging is one of the main contributors to plastic pollution, and the amount that has found its way into our rivers and oceans is alarming. Destroying our beaches, killing our marine life, the impacts are never ending and it’s so critical for us all to do what we can to curtail this...

Did you know, recent studies have found marine plastic pollution in 100% marine turtles, 59% of whales, 36% of seals and 40% of seabird species examined.

With the preservation of the planet in mind, Blake have introduced Vita – our plastic free ecommerce packaging range with provides a paper alternative to all the most common plastic packaging solutions. Find out more here.

We have provided the resources to make a start on this imperative step, it’s your job to make it better by one. Why not make the change today?

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