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Stolen Goat Case Study

Stolen Goat Case Study

Stolen Goat

Who are the business?

Stolen Goat is an independent cycling company based in Surrey. Founded on enabling a sense of freedom, allowing a ‘get-away’ from everyday life pressures; Stolen Goat aims to facilitate the desire to find freedom through sport. Incorporating materials allowing maneuverability and decreased restrictiveness, as well as featuring powerful and current designs that enable customers to “take on their alter ego” whilst exercising.

Why are they investing in new packaging?

Being heavily focused on creating engaging and personality-filled designs, Stolen Goat strive to allow customers to express their true selves and our proud that their designs allow this.

As a result of their stunning product designs, Stolen Goat looked to create new packaging that produced an experience that would elevate and bolster the entire customer journey .

One of the key reasons why Stolen Goat chose to partner with Blake for this project was due to the shared belief in sustainable values and impactful design.

Project Design

Throughout the design process it was vital to Stolen Goat that the new packaging design had a ‘robust-outdoors’ look, remaining fit-for-purpose and allowed an easy-returns process for customers.

As such, our Solutions team collaborated with Stolen Goat to create a new striking design that reflects the brand’s identity. The below images highlight the eye-catching design.

The project culminated in Stolen Goat having new ‘on-brand’ packaging that reflects their design-oriented style, as well as being eco-friendly and allowing ease of use for customers in relation to returns processes.

Client Feedback

Stolen Goat loved their new packaging design, having seen positive feedback and are pleased with how well that it works with their brand!

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