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At Blake, we pride ourselves on being a truly sustainable business. In fact, our mission is to be “positively passionate, consistently caring and sustainably sound from beginning to end”.

This means that we are always aiming for absolute sustainability in everything we do because, as Tim Browning, our Innovation & CSR Director says,

“Sustainability and business must go hand in hand.”

Specially appointed to keep a close eye on our environmental impact is Blake’s Evolve team – a dedicated team of 8 persons drawn from all operational areas of the company who are constantly monitoring our activities and challenging us to raise the bar on all social and environmental issues!

Having always sought to ensure our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, one of the main strategies we have adopted to achieve this is our strict recycling scheme, which promotes the recovery of valuable resources with the view of reaching our goal to reduce our impact on landfill to ZERO by the end of 2021, so a very important part of Evolve’s role is to track and trace what happens to our waste once it has left our premises…

And THIS is where it all ends up!

This impressive recycling plant is the £317m Viridor Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) at Avonmouth, a key player in facilitating Somerset's move away from landfill and creating energy from our rubbish!

Here are some fascinating facts for your perusal:

  • The Centre comprises of the £252m Avonmouth Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), as well as a £65m plastics reprocessing plant, which is currently under construction.
  • The ERF has the ability to give purpose to waste that cannot be recycled. It takes all kerbside rubbish and 60% of non-recyclable materials from Somerset's recycling sites and burns it at high temperatures under carefully controlled conditions to generate low-carbon heat and electricity.
  • The new plastics reprocessing plant, once completed, will divert around 320,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste away from landfill each year, including around 100,000 tonnes from Somerset!
  • Efficient, safe and fully regulated by the Environment Agency, with emissions closely monitored to meet strict standards, the plant has the capability to generate up to 282 gigawatt hours of electricity a year, which is enough to power 77,000 homes!


To discover more about how Blake are striving for sustainability, take a read of our new brochure ‘Shaping our Sustainable Future’! Order your copy here.

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